Over 130,000 have now paid the property tax

Over 130,000 have now paid the property tax Over 130,000 have now paid the property tax

Just over 130,000 homeowners have now filed their property tax returns, according to new data from the Revenue Commissioners.

As of close of business on Monday, 130,802 properties had registered using either the electronic or paper return system.

To date, the Revenue Commissioners have sent out almost 1.3 million letters, covering 1.6 million properties.

In an update from the Revenue Commissioner’s office, a spokesperson noted that multiple property owners who cannot file and pay online can authorise another person to do so. For people for whom these arrangements do not suit, they can call the LPT helpline on 1890 200 255 to pay and file online.


The office also provided details for homeowners who have yet to pay the household charge for 2012. Arrears will be capped at €130 for those still liable if it is paid by 30 April. But for those who fail to pay by 1 July, the arrears will increase to €200. It will be included as part of the local property tax liability.

“In effect, the arrears of the Household Charge will be converted into LPT and collected through the LPT system”.

More than 108,000 calls have been taken by the helpline providing assistance for those querying the tax or household valuations. The average waiting time for callers is just five seconds with the longest waiting time recorded at one minute, 44 seconds.

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