Top 3 decorating tips for renters

Top 3 decorating tips for renters Top 3 decorating tips for renters

Ok. So you’ve applied for a hundred or so houses, gaffs and apartments. Managed to secure one and signed the lease. Congratulations! But how do you put your own stamp on the place? Let the following list from bring out the interior decorator in you.

  1. Rails

Whether it’s the biggest brightest room in the house or the shoe box… there always seems to be a legacy of old clunky wardrobes that just don’t seem to fit the space. Dismantling and replacing with a clothes rail is a great way to breathe light into a dark corner. All you need one screwdriver to dismantle the wardrobe, one trip (or click) to IKEA for the clothes rail and one productive weekend to do all the above.

  1. Feature Wall

Seen room to improve? (of course you have) Noticed how in the main room often one wall is painted a different colour to the other three? That’s called a ‘feature wall’, and whether it’s a mansion in Blackrock or a studio in Blanchardstown, a feature wall is an excellent way to create the illusion of space. Simply choose a bright or bold colour for one wall and a simple/ neutral colour for the other three and voila! RTE will be asking you to host your own home improvement show next.

  1. Fireplaces

If you’ve found a place in and around the city centre, there’s a chance it’s a Georgian, Edwardian or old artisan dwelling. Now say what you want about the Brit’s, they knew how to build a decent fireplace, in fact they built one nearly in every room. If you're lucky enough to live among these relics of a bygone time, they are perfect to add a bit of zazz to any room. How about some thick long tapered candles? Or if it’s big enough, utilise the space as a bookshelf or simply fill it with decorative logs. Just don’t light the damn things as most of these beauts are blocked.


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