Small gardens – design and landscaping ideas

Small gardens – design and landscaping ideas Small gardens – design and landscaping ideas

What are the key factors which determine the price of a property? A popular response and a favourite quote of many Estate Agents is "Location, location and location!” Similarly when designing and landscaping gardens, 'space, space and more space' is the key ingredient. Space for plants, space for relaxing and space for other uses. In larger sites where there is an abundance of space but in smaller gardens where space is a premium, designing small gardens to satisfy the core needs is a much more difficult and demanding challenge. Often fresh thinking is required, especially if the demands for a nice garden are to be satisfied and one which is practical to use, enjoyable to admire and easy to maintain.

A recent project illustrates the demands and challenges typical of designing and landscaping a small garden and in this instance, there was also the additional difficulty of no direct access (other than through the house) to the working area.

The 'Before' photographs are representative of what one might expect to see in a small garden, no lawn area and probably no soil for planting. This usually results in owner's making valiant efforts to populate the space with pots of various shapes and sizes to grow a wide variety of plants. Typically these will include small trees, shrubs, herbaceous/bedding plants etc. Managing a wide ranging mix of grow bags, pots and containers presents some obvious practical challenges for busy owners. An even tougher and potentially frustrating challenge to tackle is, how to manage the inherent conflict and need for planting the space without causing overcrowding which could lead to more congestion and less space for other uses.

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