Raised Beds: Controlling Garden Borders

Raised Beds: Controlling Garden Borders Raised Beds: Controlling Garden Borders

It is not unusual that the borders in your garden that divide your plants from your lawn and pathways cab become clumsy and bulky before eventually encroaching on those areas.

In small urban gardens large planting such as trees or vigorous climbers like Ivy can become overwhelming and a very big challenge to control. Regular efforts to restrict the planting through cutting back and re-planting much like topdressing offers only some temporary relief - but eventually in small urban gardens these area can become a real issue, creating an undefined and untidy look which is more demanding of the available space in the garden.

A very effective and simple means of controlling undefined borders is of course to introduce some sort of structure which makes it easier to manage the plants and one that also provides a feature of some long lasting value to your garden. For example, raised beds are an ideal means of providing such clever plant control which also provide with easy access to your plants, less control required and ultimately reducing the overall time effort and energy for maintaining outdoor spaces – which we all like to hear!

Raised beds provide a greater range of ideal growing conditions; can be constructed in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit almost any garden style or individual preference and can also double up as informal seating area around the patio! - Raised Beds can be a key element to a garden and can play a very important role influencing the overall look, style and functionality of the garden area.


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