Landscaping garden design Dublin

Landscaping garden design Dublin Landscaping garden design Dublin

An update to report on progress from our current Garden Design and Garden Landscaping project in Sandyford, Dublin 18 to landscape a new driveway and garden area on a large and elevated site.

To date, all preliminary works have now been completed, site excavations for the new driveway layout, groundworks involving re-grading of the raised lawn areas, perimeter planted borders have also all been modified as specified in the garden design. The size and scope of the garden landscaping works involved have been extensive including the re-grading of driveway layout and surface area, as well as extensive amendments to the profile of the raised lawn areas, utilizing any excess excavated soil to undertake some remedial works of lawn areas to backfill and rectify any local undulations.

During the garden landscaping phase, excavation works included deep trenching to install land drains to harvest rain water and simultaneously ducting of the armoured electric cabling to power automated steel driveway entrance gates and separately for the garden lighting comprising of garden bollard lighting for the driveway area and LED Garden Spike Spotlighting for lighting selected planting and some of the garden’s several large monolithic granite stone features.

As part of the garden design and landscaping we also devised new garden design proposals for various garden planting areas featuring  an interesting mix of trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennial plants.  When landscaping garden areas in preparation for planting trees and shrubs, it is very important that the soil is well prepared to ensure that plant material can quickly become well established and thrive. Because of the site’s exposed and elevated characteristics, all new trees planted were staked and secured with adjustable tree straps.

Landscaping design works for this project will have utilized a considerable amount of raw material, for example in excess of 200 tons of 804 hardcore and 20 tons of blinding dust will be in constructing the driveway base.


Beautiful yellow granite kerbing has been installed and immediately defining the border lines between driveway and planted areas. From the initial entrance a gentle but gently rising and sweeping curve leads drivers to an expansive parking area at the top. A concrete block retaining wall which was intended to be rendered will now enhanced and finished in natural cream sandstone with a drystone finish and will be identical to the finish we completed on feature walls in rear garden areas.

The next phase will include finishing the pebble driveway areas and our first delivery of quartz stone chippings is imminent. Works will proceed along the lines to take us towards the entrance gates where we will use yellow granite setts to construct a new entrance.

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