Giving up to create a wildlife sanctuary

Giving up to create a wildlife sanctuary Giving up to create a wildlife sanctuary

We can and should all try to do more to encourage and support biodiversity in our sub-urban gardens. This might be as simple as giving up some space to leaving a small pile of timber logs stacked in a sheltered corner to provide valuable protection for hedgehogs overwinter, make a insect hotel by simply drilling some holes in a log and suspending from a tree in a dry sheltered spot, or simply drill (not too big or deep) some holes into tree branch and fill with lard or alternatively congealed honey to provide an excellent and valuable energy boost for the birds in winter. Try planting some wild flowers along the margins or allowing the grass to grow tall in out of view areas. You will be amazed just how quickly your efforts will be rewarded and enjoy not only the experience but also the satisfaction of helping a wild sanctuary to flourish.

If you prefer to use bird feeders, do realise that some seed will be scattered by the birds. To prevent any scattered seed from germinating in the spring, simply heat the seed in a microwave for a few minutes before using in bird feeder.

Every little helps and it’s never too late to begin.

Article contributed by Owen Chubb -


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