Garden patio landscaping

Garden patio landscaping Garden patio landscaping

Progress on our current project enters a very important phase, the building of patios and pathways, which are common to most gardens and critical to the overall space enjoyment and use. Patio design is not only about what size and finish but positioning of patio is also important. In small gardens or shaded sites, choice of position may be limited but this is not the case in larger gardens enjoying sunny aspects, ie sun throughout the day from early morning to sunset. In such gardens, perhaps more than one patio will be desired?

Otherwise patio design is largely determined by the number of users, and when the area is most likely to be use, ideally patios should be positioned and scaled so that users can enjoy a sunny spacious area. Size matter does matter, nothing more frustrating than not having enough space or cramp conditions. Patios are for relaxing and enjoyment so making provision for lots of leg room will be very beneficial. Avoid oversizing the patio area, ideally keep all elements lawn, patio, planted areas in proportion and use design to integrate a provide a gentle and more relaxed feel to the garden layout and take the eye around the garden in a more integrated and visually appealing manner. Avoid arbitrary lines but instead link or connect the spaces in a more freeflow style manner. Typically the minimum width for patio would be 3.0m but 4.0m-5.0m provides much more space and good comfortable space whereas over 7.0m and the area is becoming very large and perhaps at risk of being underutilised.

When it comes to selecting which material to use for your patio, natural stone is the most popular choice. Choose colour wisely, brighter tones are more appealing but may require more routine maintenance in shaded sites. The rustic tones of Indian Sandstone create attractive variable colour finishes but granite and limestones are equally effective when more consistent  colour is preferred for gardens of a more formal or contemporary style.

As work on completing the last remaining elements of the garden paving and garden shed, some initial planting of screening bamboos and trees begins, marking a key turning point in the project. The next phase will involve the major but very exciting part of creating any garden, the planting phase. If the choice of materials used in a garden project influences the style and structure, it is often the planting phase which will largely embody the personality and spirit of the new design. A major tipping point in the project as all of our attentions now focus on the critical and careful completion of planting and any remaining garden features.



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