Garden Design and Driveway Landscaping in Sandyford, Dublin

Garden Design and Driveway Landscaping in Sandyford, Dublin Garden Design and Driveway Landscaping in Sandyford, Dublin

The weather improves as we commence works on starting the final phase of this challenging but very rewarding garden design and landscaping project in Sandyford. The initial landscaping works will involve a significant amount of work to re-model the site and improve ground levels. This will involve moving a considerable amount of soil as well hardcore, and a great deal of excavation works is also needed to tackle the site's undulating aspects. The ground is being excavated on a cut and fill basis, removing excess soil from one area and redistributing it to fill any hollow or low lying areas. This will also help to improve overall ground levels. Several areas of the expansive lawn areas are to be modified and re-graded and some of these changes are also designed to reduce the eventual size of the lawn areas. The extra space will be used to expand some of the stone feature areas, planted borders and also create additional planted areas at the boundary walls to enhance privacy and nearer the house some extra scope for more ornamental planting.

Sloping grass areas at house gables and steps are being removed and the previous pathway widened to improve access, the surplus soil will be used in new raised planting beds which will be planted with shade tolerant plants. All salvaged stone (area is rich in granite) will be used to build informal rockery type retaining walls in selected parts of the garden.

This careful and methodical approach not only sets out to achieve the desired results but in the course of doing so, is generating very little waste material which cannot be used elsewhere on the site. Not only is this a valuable lesson in recycling but it also saves considerable money in waste disposal/skip hire charges.

The previous driveway entrance is also being improved by removing unnecessary complicated turns by introducing more consistent approaches. The improved minimum widths and better ground levels will also create more and easier turning points.


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