Front Garden Design and landscaping for form with function

Front Garden Design and landscaping for form with function Front Garden Design and landscaping for form with function

Front Garden Design is typically dominated by addressing the needs of car parking with the softer planted areas often coming in a distant runner-up. Sometimes one comes across a front garden where cars do not feature at all but yet the space is still limited in size. In such instances planting takes a larger than usual role to create a practical yet appealing garden.

In this project, the brief which included retaining the mature boundary hedging was to make the space more appealing, visually as well easier to keep clean. The original but old and jaded crazy paving surface was becoming very difficult and onerous for the owner to maintain. Building works had reduced the overall area size and the result was that the space lacked interest, order and colour. On closer examination there appeared to be unnecessary steps (house entrance x 2, garden entrance x 1 and side entrance x 1).


The resulting stepping up and down was not required, added considerable inconvenience bringing ‘wheelie’ refuse bins in and or out etc.  Incorporating Raised planting beds not only provided easily maintained additional planted space, but also scope to introduce a more defined structure as well as an informal seating space to exploit the suntrap advantages of the area.

The new layout and stone selections were largely influenced by the prevailing warmth (sandy yellow and bright) of the property’s existing colour scheme. Accordingly granite was selected to produce a bright clean and contemporary surface as well as the wall capping for the Raised Planted Beds which were constructed using quartz stone. The final results illustrate how design and good installation can produce more refined but practical results, a secluded but a very appealing front garden.

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