Cooley Garden Landscaping Project: Part 4

Cooley Garden Landscaping Project: Part 4 Cooley Garden Landscaping Project: Part 4

After completion of the raised beds, the construction of Limestone patio and pathways has begun. The inconsistency in the weather ranging from bright sunny spells to heavy showers, demands rapid change in our work plans. Fortunately sunny spells allowed us to finish the painting of the Shiplap timber cladding and planting during the showers was feasible and at least somewhat enjoyable. A considerable amount of work remains to be completed and the site still resembles more of a construction site than a garden.

The completed limestone work, despite looking a little grubby, bearing all the signs of work in progress, is nonetheless a beautiful and striking stone. The warm appearance of brighter stone is certainly preferred by more people but limestone does offer a real alternative, one of confidence, albeit darker appearance. The darker tones are more dramatic and already one can see how the various forms of limestone (stone and paving) combine to create a striking and unified appearance. Extensive planting featuring a good balance of shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants will provide striking colours as the plant stock develops.

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