Barking to save

Barking to save Barking to save

'Low maintenance' for many gardeners a form of Holy Grail, tends to focus primarily on reducing the time and energy required to looking after plants and weeding. One simple but very effective means of reducing or saving time is of course to use bark mulch generously around the garden especially in planted borders, containers and pots.
Bark mulch is not just a decorative finish and a beautiful means of displaying plants. A top dressing of bark mulch is very useful to help suppress weed growth, to retain moisture and protect plant root from frost.
Apply a minimum layer of 25-50mm around new plants and 80mm around established plants will

  • save time weeding
  • save energy by reduced frequency
  • save moisture through improved retention


  • to reduce evaporation, water area before applying the bark mulch
  • for added protection against perennial weeds install a permeable membrane
  • keep moist to reduce movement and replenish annually.


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